Building Strong Connections: Four Meaningful Ways NDTC Gives Back

Brad and Chantell from NDTC behind a display table at an expo event.

For the past 29 years, NDTC has been on a mission to provide a quality communication network that strengthens our communities with the best in phone, TV, and broadband internet services. But this is only part of who we are as a company. Our roots in Devils Lake and the surrounding communities have instilled in us a desire to give back, and our employees exemplify these values. It’s another way we like to connect and enhance the lives of those we serve.

Read on to learn more about how we invest in the communities we all call home!

Dollars in Motion

NDTC was less than two years old when we established Dollars in Motion. Every month since September 1995, we have supported local organizations with donations. In that time, we have contributed over $1,000,000 in Dollars in Motion funding to a variety of civic projects, school activities, non-profit organizations, and other good causes that encourage youth and strengthen ties through partnerships.

It’s a special feeling knowing that so many of our neighbors benefit from the projects to which we contribute. Making a positive impact on our neighborhoods with Dollars in Motion is a humbling reminder of what it really means to be connected to our community.

NDTC Scholarship Program

We truly believe that our youth represent the future, and that future is worth our investment. That’s why we created the NDTC Scholarship Program, awarding our first scholarships in 2000. Our scholarship awards have totaled over $144,500 and enriched the lives of more than 200 youth in our service area over the years.

Scholarship recipients epitomize what it means to be an active member of society. Scholastic performance is part of the equation, but it goes beyond grade point average. Among the criteria to which consideration is given are achievements, school activities, and community activities. Providing these bright and productive students opportunities to further their education ensures that our future is in good hands.

NDTC employee, Val, volunteers by reading to elementary students in a classroom.

Denim Days and Employee Volunteerism

Staying true to our company culture of giving back, we celebrate Denim Days every Friday by raising money for local charities. Employees may wear jeans on Fridays, for a $1 donation each week they choose to do so. We award 100% of employee contributions to a variety of groups in need on a quarterly basis.

Besides participating in Denim Days, our employees – many of whom are members of local service clubs – volunteer regularly at various events throughout our service area. Whether it’s supporting our school teams at tailgates, reading stories to young students in class, or helping at food banks, animal shelters, and other charitable organizations, our team members give generously of their time and resources to help keep Devils Lake and surrounding cities wonderful places to live.

We are fortunate to enjoy a high quality of life in our corner of the world, with good neighbors and friends who find so many ways to show they care. At NDTC, we will always be proud to join you in making life in east central North Dakota the best it can be, by keeping you connected to what matters most.

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